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Create a user for each member of staff that needs to back up data.

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Select how often to backup.


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Backup Facts

Our easy to use software can backup up your files daily, weekly, hourly or even in real time. With versioning, you can also have access to older versions of your files. A very useful feature that takes up very little disk space as only the file differences are stored by our clever algorithm.


20% of small businesses have NO backup solution


 60% only backup locally with NO disaster recovery plan


 Over 9000 users trust our platform to backup their data


 Over 70% of our users have restored at least one file

Affordable Backup & Cloud Packages

Try our 30 day free trial. All businesses can now afford enterprise grade offsite backup.

Data Backup

We ensure your business critical files and data are backed up. Clever software only backs up changes.

Free Trial

Our software is so easy to set up. Set it and forget it. A few clicks restores your files if required. Try it FREE.

Cloud Storage

Share your files with your team, calendars, contacts – even work on the same document collaboratively.


Data Backup

Backup files, email & databases
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Set and Forget Scheduling
  • 256-bit Encryption
  • Compressed Storage
  • Microsoft Exchange & SQL
  • Configurable Retention
  • Network Files
  • Windows / Mac / Linux

Cloud Storage

Securely store and share your files
  • 256-bit Encryption
  • Access your files
  • Synch & share your files
  • Share your calendar
  • Share your contacts
  • Collaborative Document Editing
  • Compressed Storage
  • Easy to use

Our Software

We have software for Windows, MAC, Linux. It's easy to install and once you've clicked on what you want to backup you can forget about it, knowing that each backup is tested and stored securely in the cloud. Take a look at some screen shots of our software and online control panel.

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Happy Clients

Over 9000 clients are using our platform for their backup. Here are a few comments they have shared...

Mr S. Savage, MD London Property

Thanks for your quick support. Restoring those files was something our old backup company would have to come to our offices to do.

MR B Coles CSC (Sydney)

I just restored a critical client document that had been saved over. I had my fingers crossed the whole time, but there was no need. Perfect restore, you’ve saved my backside…

Mark Regnier - List broker

Data is critical to my business, I sleep better knowing it’s all safely backed up. I’m happy to recommend Backup Wizard.

Mr L. Homewood - Accountant

…so much easier to use than my old software… a doddle to restor… would recommend to colleagues.

Mr A. Hargreaves - Tax Planner

A cost effective solution for securing client files. I chose BackupWizard after reading about them online.

Mr P. English - Accountant

I’ve never needed to use your software yet [EDITORS NOTE: to restore files!] but I know it’s there if I ever need it.

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